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eParbona Laravel eCommerce Software

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   14 Jul, 2021  |   Laravel  |   view 73 times

eParbona is the fast and easy eCommerce software in market. It's built with the youngest php framework laravel, and easy navigable with Adminlte dashboard.

It offers functionalities like Multi-Currency, Localization, Access Control Level, Payment integration, Tax and Coupon settings, Order processing, Product analysing, shop settings, customer reviews, user management and much more.

Live Demo:

eParbona will help you…
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How to install Laravel Homestead virtual machine on your Linux Computer ?

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   16 Jun, 2020  |   Laravel  |   view 242 times

Homestead is a virtual development environment for Laravel. It’s supper easy to install and use on your machine. Before using Laravel Homestead, you have VirtualBox and Vagrant installed on your machine.

First, you have to install VirtualBox package, which is available in the ubuntu’s repositories. You may use the terminal command to install it…
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Foreign key with migration in Laravel 5.8.17

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   22 May, 2019  |   Laravel  |   view 523 times

Laravel is highly advantage php framework in the world. This framework gives us much more facilities to develop a software. Data binding is one of them! Most information about Laravel data bindig you always can get from the documentation. But here you can learn something about FK (Foreign Key) migration.

Here I'll show you how to configure or…
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How to use core php form in laravel pattern ?

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   26 Jul, 2018  |   PHP, Laravel  |   view 642 times

Laravel is a powerful php software framework and it's super easy to learn. Now I'm going to teach you that how to create a html form using laravel pattern. It's super simple and easy! So, keep reading my article for learn this. Here is a simple core php form using laravel pattern. First I'm going to create a dummy html…
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How to pass some values from one view to another view in CodeIgniter?

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   27 Jan, 2018  |   CodeIgniter  |   view 781 times

CodeIgniter is a super cool PHP software framework. You can easily handle it. Variable is a power in a program. CodeIgniter gives you multiples way to set your variables in your program. So, you can easily set a variable in a controller class and use it to your view template. Cool! now I'm going to create a Controller under the…
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How to calculate large positive integer of fibonacci series in PHP ?

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   07 Aug, 2017  |   PHP  |   view 778 times

A Fibonacci Series of numbers will look like    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233...
The sequence Fn of Fibonacci numbers is defined by the recurrence relation:

Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2

Here first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1 . After that each number will be the…
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25 dollar was my first earn in my life.

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   29 Apr, 2017  |   Daily Life  |   view 631 times

In 2012 I created an account in oDesk platform. After some days suddenly I got a task from oDesk. That task gave me my first client Panagiotis Moustafellos from Greece. That was my first professional task in my life. That task was very very simple. That was one page "PSD to HTML5/CSS3" with Responsive design and used HTML5, CSS3 and…
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How to get input from keyboard using php ?

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   29 Apr, 2017  |   PHP  |   view 763 times

PHP is an open source programming language. You can get any key from your keyboard using this langulage. Now I'll show you how to get input from keyboard. So, stay with me and follow this bellow steps:

  1. First open your control panel
  2. Go and hit system and security option.
  3. Then hit system tab.
  4. Hit advanced system settings tab…
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