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25 dollar was my first earn in my life.

  Al-Amin Sarker  |   29 Apr, 2017 |   Daily Life |   view 16 times

In 2012 I created an account in oDesk platform. After some days suddenly I got a task from oDesk. That task gave me my first client Panagiotis Moustafellos from Greece. That was my first professional task in my life. That task was very very simple. That was one page "PSD to HTML5/CSS3" with Responsive design and used HTML5, CSS3 and Twitter Bootstrap(client requirements), nothing else. After hired that task was six(6) hours dateline and I was successfully completed within that times. And that was only $25 (dollar) wage. That was my first earn in my life. After 20 years, I was earned just only $25 (dollar). How funny, is not it ?

After successfully completed that task my client gave a nice feedback. That feedback was "Great guy, excellent coder. Finished the job in under 1 hr."

When I withdraw that money from oDesk then oDesk received $2 (dollar) service charge from me and finally I got $23 (dollar). After withdraw that money from my DBBL bank account I received only 1650 BDT and it was my first earn. What was a salary after 20 years in my life ?

Now I share with you what was my first job in my life... 25 Dollar Live

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