A great CodeIgniter advanced security user management with live chat

Used Technology: CodeIgniter 3.1.7, Twitter Bootstrap

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Powerful Dashboard

  • The admin panel, admin can create users.
  • Admin can change his/her credentials.
  • Admin can block or unblock him/her and finally delete them.
  • Also, admin can view his/her activity.
  • Also, admin can view his/her activity.
  • Admin can see users agent identify.

Control users

  • You can view his/her activity.
  • You can change his/her credentials.
  • Block or unblock him and finally delete him.

New user

  • Custom registration input fields.
  • Personal information area.
  • User credentials.
  • jQuery Validator

User Rules

  • The administrator create new rules or change one.
  • Create your own Rules the users have to follow.
  • Anytime administrator can update it.
  • It gives permision to a user.

Live Chat

  • Have a super cool live chat.
  • Talk to your employees in real-time.
  • User can chat in realtime each other.

User Profile

  • Every member has a own beautiful profile.
  • Every member can change their own information.
  • And also member can change their own login Info.

User Login Option

  • Every users has a supper login area.
  • Input fields were used jQuery validator function

Forgot Password!

  • If you forgot your password, don't worry. Here have a nice platform.

Price $25

  Live Preview

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