Inventory management software

Used Technology: CodeIgniter, PayPal API, Twitter Bootstrap

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Seller Dashboard Options

  • Has a own beautiful dashboard.
  • Make approve in a customer order.
  • Make delivery for a customer order.
  • Create a new customer.
  • Has their own approval amount.
  • Has their own graphycal signal.

Customer Dashboard Options

  • Has a own beautiful dashboard.
  • Can buy any product from this system.
  • After order customer will see how many order you've pending or approved.
  • Will see how much you've paid.
  • Will see how much you got discount.
  • Will see a product is available or not.
  • Has thier own graphycal signal.

Order Approve

  • Site-admin and every seller can access order approving area.
  • Site-admin and seller can see order and billing information.
  • Site-admin and seller can make approve an order.
  • After approve Site-admin and seller will see how many order you've approved.

System Admin Dashboard

  • Has a own beautiful dashboard
  • Site-admin can create a new customer and seller.
  • Site-admin can gives a discount of a customer with types(Gold or Silver) rules.
  • Site-admin can make approve a customer order.
  • After approve Site-admin will see how many order you've approved.
  • Site-admin has own supper special graphycal signal for product information.

Customer Order System

  • Only customer can access to their shopping cart area.
  • Customer makes an order with their PayPal account.
  • Customer only can pay their paymet by their PayPal account.

User Profile

  • Every member has a own beautiful profile.
  • Every member can change their own information.
  • And also member can change their own login Info.

Price $49

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